Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stubbs the Zombie

Here's a game I came across, most interestingly, because of its soundtrack. It's a collection of indie-rockers who cover various 50's and 60's pop hits, like The Raveonettes doing "My Boyfriend's Back." The music meshes fairly well with the game's theme, a somewhat Fallout-like science fiction zombie holocaust based around bad sciffy movies. The game itself is fairly fun, but short and completely linear, meaning it's pretty well disposable.

The fascinating soundtrack, however, leads me to a question - why don't game designers hire commercial DJs or bands to create game music more often? Generally, they either choose licensing already popular songs, or having game composers make the music.

I'd love to see some DJs making music for games, especially if they're science fiction-oriented. If I had a massively budgeted game, I'd give RJD2 (or someone along those lines) a call. Music can be such a memorable, important part of a game that it seems a shame to not be more daring with it.

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